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Cremation Services

With cremations being currently the most popular option for funeral services in Melbourne (around 70% of funerals in Australia are cremations) it is important to understand your options for funeral services for cremations. Bell Funeral Services professional staff will walk you through arranging a cremation funeral service & explain all options available so you can be more informed in your decisions.


First thing that will need to be established is whether or not a ceremony is to be held or not.

No Service Cremations

A No Service Cremation is simply put, just that. The deceased body would be collected from the place of passing & brought into our care & prepared into a basic cremation coffin. From there all necessary bookings, health department paperwork & relevant cremation permits will be arranged before being transported in our purpose built funeral vehicles to the chosen crematorium for cremation.

Once the cremation has taken place the ashes will be available generally within 2 to 3 business days.

This is the most cost effective option of all funeral options.

Religious Services

A religious funeral service will be conducted by the Clergy from your place of worship. ie. Church, Temple, Mosque etc.

A religious funeral will typically mainly include the religious sermon delivered by your chosen Clergy, however can sometimes include a small amount of personalisation depending depending on the clergy / faith.

Non-Religious Service

A non religious funeral service is generally run by a Civil Celebrant, Family Member or Friend and is mainly a reflection of the life of the deceased rather than any formal format. Usually in a non religious funeral the service will start off with some music being played, an opening by the person conducting the funeral service followed by eulogies by family & friends, sometimes a photo presentation of some memories of the deceased’s life, a closing / committal section of the service followed finally by a piece of music as attendees exit the chapel.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is usually the same format as a religious service & non religious service however without the coffin being present for the service. This can be held in place of a traditional funeral service taking place as some people find this a lot less confronting & more a celebration of the persons life.


Now that you have decided on whether or not a ceremony will be held next you will need to think about the location where the funeral service is to be held.

Bell Funeral Services helped thousands of families to organised the funeral in various locations, from family home to almost anywhere which suits the family. There are multiple options based on the type of service you choose, and we are happy to go through each one of them so that you are better informed with the options to make the decision that suits you best.

If you need to prepare a funeral or memorial service immediately, please give Bell Funeral Services a call on 1800 012 011.

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