Bell Funeral Services "Committed To Care"

Complaints Handling Procedure

As required by the Funeral Act 2006 (Vic), Bell Funeral Services has a complaints handling procedure.

In the rare event that your concerns or issues cannot be rectified by your Funeral Director the following procedure should be followed.

How to make a complaint:

If you have any concerns with the level of service and care we have provided, you may convey them to our Managing Director via any of the following Options:

In person:      
By appointment at a mutually convenient time
and place.

By telephone: 
By phoning 03 9480 1061 during normal
business hours.

In writing:      
By outlining your concerns in a letter, email or
fax ensuring your contact details are included in the letter.

Contact details:

Alan Harris – Managing Director
PO Box 103
Preston, Vic, 3072
Phone: 03 9480 1061
Fax: (03) 9480 2349

Acknowledgement & Investigation

Your complaint will be promptly acknowledged in writing and/or by telephone within 48 hours of being received.

Generally management will need some time to gather any relevant information & investigate your complaint.  The investigation time needed depends on how many people were involved, their availability, the complexity, seriousness and/or urgency of the complaint.  We also may need to communicate with you during an investigation to clarify aspects of the complaint.

Response and Communication

Bell Funeral Services Management will provide you with a response to your complaint as soon as possible after completion of the appropriate investigation.

Management will generally respond to your complaint in writing however sometimes a verbal response is more practical and/or appropriate.


If you are satisfied with our response, we will confirm & carry out any understanding reached.

In the unlikely event following further communication, we are unable to reach a resolution, you are encouraged to refer your complaint to the relevant business authority in your state.

Bell Funeral Services Management treat every complaint seriously and we endeavour to resolve your issue with your complaint as soon as possible

Alan Harris
Managing Director
1st June 2018