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Personalising a funeral

There is no stock standard funeral. A service sets a tone for the unique personality of your loved one. It can vary in style, tone and mood. The options are endless for the sendoff you wish to have for your loved one. We have researched and found some of our favourite ways to create the most memorable send off and we would like to share them with you!

Flowers: While most people think of flowers as standard practice at a funeral, the meaning behind flowers, coming up in a future blog post, can make a difference to the look and feel to the service. Some florists will be able to accommodate requests such as arranging footballs, dolls, guitars, fishing tackle, and other favourite trinkets into the flower arrangement.

Decorations: Funeral homes will often have a place for you to decorate or have their own decorations around the room to feel comfortable and make it your own. Bringing things from home or your loved ones room can make it feel less intrusive on your guests and by providing gestures like empty photo frames and vases, this invites your guests to be involved in the decorating too.

Food and beverages: During a wake, why not mix things up and instead of tea sandwiches choose to honor their heritage, sports team, or other interests in the form of food which will guarantee a few smiles once people notice. Many places will customise sweets with prints with words or pictures. If people remember them always eating a particular snack, have them available for all to enjoy – you might be surprised how many people will appreciate this small reminder.

Slideshow: Instead of using pictures from the family photo album, put a call out to friends and family to contribute their favourite pictures so everyone on the day will see the deceased the way they remember them. It will be a surprise to many what pictures are shown – from baby pictures, to those unexpected cheeky pictures they have with friends, it will be a nice trip down memory lane.

Favors: Giving the guests something to go home with to cherish after the day is over. This is a chance to be as creative as you wish! Small trinkets with a thank you card, birthstones of the deceased so they’ll always have a piece of them everywhere or, memorial seedlings to plant in their gardens. This idea springs from the idea that from one life lost, another grows. The enjoyment of seeing the seedling grow and the memory live on is a wonderful gesture for your guests.

There are many ways to make a funeral or memorial service personalised to your specific wants and needs. Have a talk with your funeral director and ask what they can help you with and how they can make the day as easy for you as possible.