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Eileen Lowe

28/03/1942 – 19/08/2021
Aged 79

Elieen Lowe

The Funeral Service to Celebrate the Life of Eileen Lowe
will be held in the Pioneer Chapel 
Arthur’s Creek Cemetery, on Friday (27 August) 2021 commencing at 2:00pm
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  • Jean Lloyd Posted 27/08/2021 1:38 pm

    God Bless Eileen love Jean Paul, Marianne Russell, Morgan and Allison

  • john and eileen touhey Posted 27/08/2021 1:44 pm

    Sincere condolences, eileen made us all laugh..

  • paul Posted 27/08/2021 2:33 pm

    Jill our thoughts go out to you and the family as there is no person like your mum

  • Jason B Posted 27/08/2021 3:44 pm

    Our Sincere condolence to you all. Eileen was a gorgeous spirit and may she rest in peace now and forever!! It was an absolutely beautiful service that made mum and I choke down many tears. Eileen & Derek have been fantastic neibours my parents Zoe & John for now many years. May Eileen catch up with my father too for another yarn over the fence in the heavens above!! Lots of Love Jason, Claire & Zoe xx

  • Elizabeth Godfrey and Marianne Petryszyn Posted 27/08/2021 9:40 pm

    You will always be remembered Eileen your beautiful smile and your love for life all our love Marianne Elizabeth and Phillip

  • Kyla Ankers Posted 28/08/2021 4:27 am

    Wow wow and wow. Be proud all.of you.
    What a fitting tribute to a beautiful mischievous soul. Always wondered where i got my ton boyish ways from. She teased me about it when she came to UK. But i get it from her. And i am so so proud. God help anyone had ahebloved in UK. We would have been arrested. What beautiful children, grandchildren she has and you are all so very lucky to share her legacy and be so close to eac other. Sadly something we will not experience. So grab the memories and keep them locked away and cherished as they should be. She would be super proud of you all xxxx

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