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A funeral is an event that affects our families and loved ones emotionally as well as financially, so it is important that we consider ways to relieve those closest to us of these burdens.

We plan ahead for most things in life, so planning for our own funeral is really a natural extension of these actions.

If someone passes away at home or in any other place, the first person who should be contacted is generally a doctor who will either sign a death certificate or make other arrangements in the event that the cause of death is not clear.

The next people to contact are, if appropriate, a priest or minister, family and friends, and the funeral director of your choice.

Some important issues to consider when you arrange or pre-plan a funeral are:
• the type and style of funeral you would like
• whether you would prefer burial or cremation
• which cemetery or crematorium
• the type and style of coffin or casket
• the type of death notices, mourning vehicles and flowers
• any special features you would like to include in the service,
such as a poem or your favorite piece of music
• the wishes of your family and friends
• what your financial position is

For Help or Advice on arranging funerals, Please call our free call funeral line.
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