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Live stream Funerals Melbourne

An important factor that many families are realising these days is that there are many relatives & friends that are unable to attend a funeral service in person due to many reasons.

  • Travelling from the other side of the world to Melbourne may not be practical considering when the funeral service is due to be held.
  • Being in hospital for their own health reasons may stop someone who would have otherwise attended the funeral service
  • Work commitments that are unable to be changed are unfortunately inevitable in our busy world.

There are many reasons who some relatives and friends may have a hard tome being present for a funeral service which can have long lasting regret for those who missed out on the funeral service of a loved one.


As there are more families each year encountering this issue Bell Funeral Services has decided to introduce our Free Funeral Service Live Streaming for our clients.


We can livestream funeral services throughout Melbourne at any venue.


Bell Funeral Services live streaming expert can livestream the following funeral types –

Church Funeral Service Live Streaming

Chapel Funeral Service Live Streaming

Crematorium Funeral Service Live Streaming

Outdoor Funeral Service Live Streaming

Graveside Funeral Service Live Streaming

Burial Funeral Service Live Streaming

We can even Live Stream refreshments after the funeral service.